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Our Google Analytics services

Over 72% of websites in the Quantcast Top 100K have chosen Google Analytics as their analytics platform of choice. Intoteq marketing team has also made that choice. Although we use other analytic tools, We predominantly use Google Analytics on all of our client's sites to help provide insight into their online marketing efforts. Our marketing team members are Google Analytics certified and Intoteq is working towards becoming a Google premium Certified Partner.

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  • User Analysis : a brand makes smart choices when they know their end-users. We help you with it.
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis : we help you understand why and how your users behave while interacting with your site.
  • Click-Tracking : we let you discover how your users behave when they visit your website or app.
  • Landing Page Design : We design, and adjust your landing page to up user retention and conversion opportunities.
  • A/B Testing : With our A/B Split Tests, you can confidently say which decisions reach your goals.
  • Heat Map : heat map tools are some of the best data visualisation tool your business can use to gather great insights.
  • Process Optimization : We strive to minimise cost and maximise efficiency by continually adjusting your processes.

Buildling Smarter Brands

Strategic Targeting

Our Google Analytics services cover Google Tag Manager, Ecommerce Tracking, Site Analytics, CRM Integrations & likewise that would help you specialise in new implementations & auditing existing implementations. Segment the market & understand your audience for you to earn maximum conversions.

Data-driven Insights

Our analytics consultants offer clear data analysis for faster page loads & efficient data collection with Google Tag Manager. We ensure to provide troubleshooting solutions to you with advanced configuration, keeping in mind your key business objectives.

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Practising informeddecision-making

Custom Reports

We are a process-driven Google Analytics agency providing detailed custom reporting that delivers results to help you deal with custom dimensions. Extend your capabilities while leveraging data, reports & resolving loopholes.

Providing Smarter Decisions

Understanding shopper’s decision is a must for any business. We, an expert Google Analytics agency, help you understand your target audience by providing you enhanced information such as measuring the number of transactions, web page performance & track the actions users take on your website.

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Here’s why Intoteq should be your choice when it comes to branding.

Google Analytics Audit

We check if your Google Analytics is set up right. If not, we tweak it as needed, so you gather all customer information necessary!

Google Tag Manager Setup

A tag management system (TMS) is essential to update measurement codes. We set it up for you for enhanced performance.

Google Analytics Reporting

We even set up a dashboard with all the widgets, so that your data is delivered in visual reports.

Google Analytics Consulting

Data rules the current world. A single error or gap in data collection can become an expensive mistake. That’s where we swoop in with a cape on!

Google Analytics Migration

We ensure that you don’t lose even an iota of marketing and business data when you migrate your website to a new home!

Google Analytics configuration

We define your KPI’s, analyse your site and then implement a Google Analytics account. We also test it and track it continuously.

Other analytic tool setup

We even set up a dashboard with all the widgets, so that your data is delivered in visual reports.

Heatmap tool setup

Heatmaps are a valuable web analytics tool that give you detailed insights into the behavior of real users as they explore your website or product page to help you make changes that improve the customer experience and generate delight.

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  • How can branding help a business?

    Branding will increase the value of your business in the market. With the increase in value, you will get a better price and sales for a product. For buyers, your brand will represent satisfaction and value towards the services and products.

  • How does your branding process look like?

    We call our brand identity process the Funnel.
    This work process is inclusively being done with the client team to achieve the desired results while jointly immersing into the brand identity process. We do not leave you out of sight, just to come back with an outline of our exclusive vision. We collaborate and try to make this process transparent to break down every single step.
    We have three basic rules that we follow:
    Make it inclusive. During the collaboration, we treat everyone as one team.
    Make it practical. Let there be a transparent and modest development flow.
    Make it specific. Start with understanding, end with execution.

  • How does your funnel process work?

    We divide the Funnel process into several steps:
    1. Information gathering
    We start by understanding your product and company, which is an underlying basis for all other steps.
    2. Visual positioning
    In this stage, we audit an existing product or company's visual identity while analyzing competitors' visual identity. Done to form a hypothesis on the applicable brand archetype (when needed) and define an area of future visual positioning.
    3. Visual brand expression
    This stage is all about visual inspiration and conceptual metaphor. It helps align the emotional aspect while building a foundation on a future color palette, shapes, and dynamics.
    4. Sketches
    Here we venture to explore more concepts and general directions on how the logo may look. We follow Visual positioning and Brand expression findings and recommendations. This stage helps to examine a lot of concepts and shapes fast.
    5. Draft shapes and uniqueness test
    Then we define a few (up to 3) sketches and refine their shapes. Here our focus is on the form and tonal contrast. Our team researches similar logos to avoid similarities with existing brands. However, it's not trademark research.
    6. Wordmark
    When it comes to a combination of a logo sign and a logo mark (which is a common situation for digital brands because they need icons, favicons, social network thumbnails, etc.), we start working on the wordmark when a logo sign draft shape is approved. We explore typefaces, cases, and design lettering to find the best pair for a logo sign.
    7. Color and application examples
    Color matters. People mostly judge products based on color, which proved various experiments. To make the logo and the brand identity with the best possible potential, we spent time exploring proper color combinations. Our decision-making process is grounded by information about the culture, physiology, and psychological influence of color.
    8. Logotype fine-tune and guidelines
    At this stage, we construct a logo sign and wordmark with grids to make it perfectly balanced. Our team creates documentation to explain rules on how to use visual identity assets correctly. The complexity of the guidelines depends on the scope and project requirements.

  • How long does it take to create a basic brand identity?

    Based on our experience, we estimate that the development of a basic visual identity can take 3 weeks. Our team can do the job even faster, but the decision time is a core part of this process. It takes time for our clients to discuss the intermediate results and to agree with the selected choice. Apart from the other companies, we demonstrate each produced brand identity option. We explore and discuss the produced results along with the client and hear their opinion to make the relevant changes. Furthermore, to support our research we explore additional directions to state that the proposed solution is optimal for the company.

  • How much does it cost to develop a strong brand identity with your branding agency?

    Our hourly rate starts from €25/hr (for our brand designer) and may rise, depending on the companies requirements based in San Francisco, California. The total project price is directly connected to the amount of work our team needs to invest. Other factors directly affect the cost, such as the scope of work, team structure, and a rate card.

  • Does your company provide any services beyond branding?

    Technology & Marketing is at the core of Intoteq. To provide more holistic approach to our clients, we provide compelte software engineering services from UI/UX architecture to software development and full funnel marketing services from performance marketing to branding services. It helps us bring more value to the projects.

  • What kind of tools does Intoteq branding company typically use?

    In terms of designing a visual brand identity for our clients, we have our favorite tools pack. Most of them include Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. If there is any web development involved, we can shift to the tech stack of your preferences. Our main experience lies in ReactJS and Vanilla JS. Besides, we are huge fans of functional programming, so no wonder several we have used functional programming on some of our projects.

  • What’s different between your branding agency and other angencies?

    Most of the agencies or companies are proficient in producing highly visual identity brands and tend to stamp lots of them every year. While we also do love to collaborate with lots of clients, we don’t just print the solution in one go and present it to our client like it is a pill that can cure everything.Instead, we treat every project as a complex, definitive but fruitful alliance that can produce impressive results. While all of this may sound like a tedious process, we do keep the entire development process transparent, simple, and efficient. Embedding the passion of our client vision into brand identity development.

  • Why do companies choose your branding agency for creating their brand identity?

    Apart from other San Francisco companies involved in the brand identity process, we love to research every detail about the client's company requirements. Furthermore, over the past ten years on the digital market, we have developed three core principles that our team connects. And this is not only about the team union. It is about the connectivity with the client projects. These are the three simple factors that we follow.
    Transparency - Every process is open, every dialogue is continuous, and every change is free to be changed.
    Flexibility - Our team is flexible in both your technical preferences and your identity vision.
    Efficiency - Every result is meeting its deadline with a unique story to tell.
    These factors lead to trustful and productive results that many have already labored and are still enjoying the process.