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Our Approach

Building custom software is no small feat. It requires hundreds, or even thousands of hours of engineering, design, and project management. Creating a database architecture and managing server infrastructure are challenging tasks that are usually best left to the professionals. At Intoteq, we aim to make this daunting task much more approachable by bringing our years of experience to the forefront of every project we work on.
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Custom Software Development Advantages
  • Agility is in our DNA. We are dedicated to the success of every software project and we blend a, tried and proven SDLC with agile practices.
  • We identify your customer needs & define the requirements and gather all information needed for proper development strategy planning.
  • We will create a working prototype of your application within the shortest timeframe possible to maximize the returns on investment.
  • On the front end, you can depend on us to deliver exceptional and strong designs for your online store, effective shopping cart and
    secure Payment Getaway integration, all the while creating user journeys that convert traffic into sales.
  • At the backend, we have the expertise to drive relevant traffic with Ecommerce SEO & PPC Campaigns.

Fast iterations & frequent releases

Scalable & secure infrastructure

Business-tailored architecture

Thorough quality assurance

How we do it.

★ Understanding Your Business - Tell us your needs, desired functionality, the business methods used, and we can build you the software solutions. Our software is scalable and flexible enough for you to easily adapt down the road.
★ In-depth Discussion - We begin every relationship with an in-depth discussion about the short and long-term desires for your project.
★ Scrum - At Intoteq, we believe in the Scrum framework where everyone works together innovatively and productively to solve complex problems. Each project will have a scrum master who is the connection between the development team and the client, making sure that the whole process is transparent and smooth.

★ Requirement Analysis - Our engineers will review any hidden requirements and your existing codebase if you have one. We need to know your goals and understand your existing software to ensure the success of the project. This also makes sure the development stage can run smoothly.
★ Create an Effective Action Plan - By the end of this phase, Intoteq works together with you to make a plan of development that accords with your goals, timeline, and operating budget.
★ IPR Protection - In a world where the strongest gift is the power of thinking, protecting your intellectual property rights becomes a must for any business. Intoteq understands this fact and will guarantee that all your information, data, business processes are secured, protected, and well-guarded.

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A Custom Software Development Company You Can Trust

Intoteq is a custom software development company that can help businesses achieve their goals. Our years of experience enable us to provide you with custom software development services that are unparalleled. Our development team has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver customizable solutions that will grow your business.

At Intoteq, We take pleasure in the fact that we have a team of experienced software engineers with extensive knowledge in almost every major technology. We’ve been able to finish tasks for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industry sectors.

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Our Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions involve more than just coding. Our team is experienced in all aspects of custom application development.

Custom Enterprise Application Development

Intoteq has extensive experience developing custom enterprise applications for companies across industries. We develop tailored custom software solutions to fit your specific requirements, so you'll get the best software possible.

Software Product Development

Let's begin a conversation about your new ideas or ongoing projects that need the fresh and innovative touch of our expert developers. This ranges from simple custom software application development to complicated, long-term contracts.

Custom Web Application Development

Intoteq provides custom web application development services to build cost-effective web applications that are secure, scalable, accessible, and maintainable.We also create high-performance apps for iOS and Android. Our professional custom mobile app developers have the experience to develop native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps.

Software Enhancement and Modernization

With expertise and constant updates, we will utilize the latest and up-to-date technologies to lengthen the life of your legacy system.

Project Recovery

We understand that some projects fall apart midway through software development. Orient Software is here to help you finish your troubled projects before deadlines if your existing provider is not working out. We can also help rebalance an internal team for better results.

got more questions?

  • What are eCommerce Solutions?

    Ecommerce solutions encompass all that you need to run a successful eCommerce store – designing, developing, hosting, marketing and analytics. eCommerce solutions are the products and services that help a company conduct business online.

  • Which is the best platform to build an eCommerce website?

    Depending on your needs, the most popular eCommerce platforms are Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Wix, and Godaddy.

  • What are the different types of eCommerce Solutions?

    There are 4 main types of eCommerce solutions: Business to Consumer (B2C), Business-to-business (B2B), Customer-to-customer (C2C) and customer-to-business (C2B).

  • What kind of eCommerce Solutions does Intoteq offer?

    At Intoteq, we have successfully delivered over 10+ eCommerce websites. We offer Ecommerce services for designing, developing, hosting, marketing and analytics, across industry verticals around the globe.

  • Can I build my new ecommerce site while my other website is still live?

    Yes, you can build a new eCommerce web site while your old one is still live. We can help you migrate to the new one or redirect all traffic going to the old website to the new one when it is ready.

  • Which is better, WooCommerce or Magento?

    While WooCommerce and Magento are both very popular, Magento is much more for small businesses than large businesses. Also Magento is an expensive software to maintain and host on. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a great plugin for WordPress and is actually the most used eCommerce platform by sheer numbers. It is great for simple eCommerce sites to large sites with more than 10,000+ products that have a large content need.