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How we work.

No over-strategizing. No bloating. No fuss. If you like it simple and straight forward, then this probably is the right place for you and If you think your business 1 in a million, give it a shot and reach out.
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who we are

We spend a lot of time learning about our clients and their products. So it’s only right you get a chance to learn about us.

The begining

Intoteq was built on a desire to make great things possible. What started as two computer science engineers building a handy app together has become so much more. Now, INTOTEQ exists to help aspiring businesses bring their ideas to life through the power of software development. Our passion for tech is what drives us to explore its potential. We love to see what technology can do. There is always a new tool we can try, or a platform we can play with. By sharing the discoveries we make with our exceptional clients around the world, we help them achieve truly great things.

The path

Today we are a fully remote digital agency with members and collaborators working together from all over the world to provide a valuable global perspective on our work. Like the world around us and the businesses we work with, our design practice is constantly moving and improving. We’re always striving to see a different way and find a better path. We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, unpick legacy behaviors, streamline complex processes, and shape the products and services that improve the lives of thousands every single day.

we create bold changes through design & strategy.
  • As experienced designers, developers and marketers, we’re acutely aware that your website and marketing efforts hold the power for success.
  • We wield that power with the utmost commitment to positive change in your business, giving you the greatest chance to succeed!
  • Everything we do is underpinned by our guiding principle: to work smart and do great work.

Daring to re-think.

We have a unique take on design and the world. We love working with those who value originality and are excited by it in practice.

Building success.

When working with INTOTEQ, you will feel like you're working with an extension of your own team. We care about your business just as much as you do.

Highest qualityonly.

We value quality over quantity, and take the time to build a digital solution that fits your business perfectly.
A Creative IT team.

Intoteq covers every aspect of your digital needs, ensuring your clients are truly engaged and excited
about what your business has to offer. Usually, companies come to us for the following.

1. Web Application

Fast, technological and convenient site with wow-effect

2. Hybrid Mobile Application

Mobile application for direct interaction with users

3. Hybrid CMS

Custom CMS system for easy sales & application management

4. Chat systems

Live chat or chatbot to automate business processes

5. Graphic desiging

We're a passionate team who love working with brands to create beautiful graphics and marketing materials. we are dedicated to create designs that inspire new conversations, work with clients of all sizes, and help grow business revenues.

What should you expect when working with us?

Over the years, we have defined our favorite workflow that we've tested with many clients. This workflow is based on transparency, collaboration, and a goal-driven mindset.

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Innovation Creativity Relaibility

Creating effective solutions through intuitive design. We are transparent and accountable in everything we do as a group on a brave and fearless journey.

doing things differently

We believe that to build a product without a deep business and audience research is the same as shooting in the dark with the fingers crossed. Our expert team takes a systematic approach to develop digital experiences that step-by-step lead a business to success. We believe that product usability is like love. You should care, listen, and you have to be willing to change and fix your infelicities. So we pay particular attention to user testing and aim to deliver better products that will be quickly-loved by people.

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