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Delivering your brand through the lens of the brand experience.

Intoteq is an independent creative agency empowering brands to fearlessly live out their beliefs. We are recognized for building belief-led brand communications and experiences that deliver business transformation. We’ll build an engaging and clear brand that connects with your customers, and then apply it across the board – so you can stay focused on what you’re best at - your business.

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We build and launch brands that engage customers,
build audiences, and increase sales.
  • we do this by turning our craft into science. By using the process we’ve developed over years of working with top brands.
  • When we follow this path, strong outcomes are the result.In the end, we know you don’t need a pretty logo to drive results, any competent designer can do that.
  • In the end, we know you don’t need a pretty logo to drive results, any competent designer can do that.
  • For us, it all starts and ends with your brand story. A compelling story and strategic positioning are the foundation of greatness – and great business results.
  • Stronger brand, stronger ROI. This simple equation drives all our thinking and creativity.
  • Our skilled and experienced team of Android and iOS app designers and developers leverage the latest technologies to create secure, efficient and easy to use apps on time.
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The Intoteq process.

A brand today is all about how it makes your customers feel. It's not a logo, visual identity, or digital product design
but rather a cohesive system that spans across all mediums and touchpoints. We're a branding agency offering
a complete solution from naming and logo design to communications and style guides.

Research: Marketing Audit and Business Understanding

Enterprise-level research technology allows us to dive deep into the market to gain knowledge of industry gaps, consumers, and competition.

Vision, Mission, and Values

A company’s roadmap is made up of its vision, mission, and values. The very definition of who your company is, or who you want to become, and guiding transformational initiatives by setting a defined direction for your company’s growth.

Naming/Messaging Architecture

We have designed a series of workshops to help determine a name and messaging architecture that best represents the vision, mission, values, and company’s goal.

Brand Identity

The logo, tone, tagline, and typeface shape the visual appeal of your brand. These elements are the visual cues for brand recognition and vital to building brand equity.

Adoption Plan & Execution

With a new or refreshed brand comes great responsibility. Now you must tell your employees and the world. As your partner, we can help you plan and execution and internal and external adoption plan.

Experts in all types of PPC Ads.

Intoteq team will help running marketing campaigns that can help you build your online presence
and promote your services to the right audience. Our pay per click advertising team
will work closely with your business to determine the appropriate PPC ads that you can use to fill your sales funnel.

Brand Naming

Naming a company or product can be an intensive and extensive process, filled with subjective opinions and emotions. Sometimes the magical name happens quickly, but often it takes many options and many rounds to find that perfect, unique, trademarkable fit.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the art of taking the behind-the-scenes strategic language and translating it into something poetic enough for public eyes and ears. And in this case, it is the poetry of distillation and simplicity that makes for brilliance in a Performance Brand. We do this through brand mantras, mission statements, brand scripts and voice/tone guidelines.

Logo Creation

A logo cannot, and should not, deliver a brand’s entire message. But it can convey a personality, help enhance a feeling of connection and begin to tell a brand’s story. Your brand strategy and personality will often dictate whether your brand calls for a simple wordmark or lettermark logo, a more conceptual icon mark, an emblem mark or a combination.

Brand Positioning

Our brand strategy process helps you develop a brand platform, which acts as your brand’s and your organization’s — North Star. It ensures your team and your partners are all rowing in the same direction by developing and defining your brand purpose, brand vision, brand personality, brand values, brand promise and brand positioning.

Brand Guidelines

While you want the sky to be the limit for your Performance Brand, there has to be a limit to the way your digital brand identity is used. With brand guidelines, your company will be set up for success with some firm yet flexible guardrails. What to do and not do with your logo, tone of voice, fonts, iconography, primary and secondary color palettes and more. Think of it as “rules of encouragement” that inspire the best use of your brand identity.

VisualBrand Identity

Just like with the naming process, a brand platform gives rise to compelling branding and brand identity design. We start this segment of our digital branding services with digital-first design thinking — often mobile-first — because ensuring that a complete brand identity performs well across all digital channels within the modern digital landscape is crucial.

Brand Videos

A brand mantra video is your brand platform translated into an emotionally compelling, engaging video that announces your brand purpose to the world and inspires and aligns your internal teams. We believe a brand mantra video is at the core of every Performance Brand, and no company’s website should be without one. Remember, when people feel more and associate more, they click more, visit more, shop more and buy more.


Rebranding can feel like the end of the world at times. Brands fear the unknown as it can be difficult to predict how audiences will react to such a drastic shift. Still, you should have nothing to worry about if your rebrand is done the right way. As long as you have Intoteq by your side. Helping you stand out from the crowd is just another day in the office for us. We can help you create a strong, forward-thinking brand identity that generates hits. Hitting the reset button isn’t the end, it’s simply the start of something new.

We are into Tech.

How we work

Here’s why Intoteq should be your choice when it comes to branding.

We are strategy led & evidence based.

Too often, business and brand strategy are misaligned. We bring them together to drive your business goals.

We see problems as opportunities.

Whether it’s a crisis of confidence, a new competitive threat, a pivot in strategy or leadership or an acquisition, your brand’s problems are opportunities in work clothes.

We build useful brands.

Useful may mean steel toe boots; it may mean stilettos. It always has a funky walk. Which is to say, we make sure it has one.

Client-First Approach

Clients always come first, here at Intoteq. We take time to get to know your business goals so we know what's important to you. Our professional marketing experts will ensure that our strategies will align with your business ideals.

got more questions?

  • How can branding help a business?

    Branding will increase the value of your business in the market. With the increase in value, you will get a better price and sales for a product. For buyers, your brand will represent satisfaction and value towards the services and products.

  • How does your branding process look like?

    We call our brand identity process the Funnel.
    This work process is inclusively being done with the client team to achieve the desired results while jointly immersing into the brand identity process. We do not leave you out of sight, just to come back with an outline of our exclusive vision. We collaborate and try to make this process transparent to break down every single step.
    We have three basic rules that we follow:
    Make it inclusive. During the collaboration, we treat everyone as one team.
    Make it practical. Let there be a transparent and modest development flow.
    Make it specific. Start with understanding, end with execution.

  • How does your funnel process work?

    We divide the Funnel process into several steps:
    1. Information gathering
    We start by understanding your product and company, which is an underlying basis for all other steps.
    2. Visual positioning
    In this stage, we audit an existing product or company's visual identity while analyzing competitors' visual identity. Done to form a hypothesis on the applicable brand archetype (when needed) and define an area of future visual positioning.
    3. Visual brand expression
    This stage is all about visual inspiration and conceptual metaphor. It helps align the emotional aspect while building a foundation on a future color palette, shapes, and dynamics.
    4. Sketches
    Here we venture to explore more concepts and general directions on how the logo may look. We follow Visual positioning and Brand expression findings and recommendations. This stage helps to examine a lot of concepts and shapes fast.
    5. Draft shapes and uniqueness test
    Then we define a few (up to 3) sketches and refine their shapes. Here our focus is on the form and tonal contrast. Our team researches similar logos to avoid similarities with existing brands. However, it's not trademark research.
    6. Wordmark
    When it comes to a combination of a logo sign and a logo mark (which is a common situation for digital brands because they need icons, favicons, social network thumbnails, etc.), we start working on the wordmark when a logo sign draft shape is approved. We explore typefaces, cases, and design lettering to find the best pair for a logo sign.
    7. Color and application examples
    Color matters. People mostly judge products based on color, which proved various experiments. To make the logo and the brand identity with the best possible potential, we spent time exploring proper color combinations. Our decision-making process is grounded by information about the culture, physiology, and psychological influence of color.
    8. Logotype fine-tune and guidelines
    At this stage, we construct a logo sign and wordmark with grids to make it perfectly balanced. Our team creates documentation to explain rules on how to use visual identity assets correctly. The complexity of the guidelines depends on the scope and project requirements.

  • How long does it take to create a basic brand identity?

    Based on our experience, we estimate that the development of a basic visual identity can take 3 weeks. Our team can do the job even faster, but the decision time is a core part of this process. It takes time for our clients to discuss the intermediate results and to agree with the selected choice. Apart from the other companies, we demonstrate each produced brand identity option. We explore and discuss the produced results along with the client and hear their opinion to make the relevant changes. Furthermore, to support our research we explore additional directions to state that the proposed solution is optimal for the company.

  • How much does it cost to develop a strong brand identity with your branding agency?

    Our hourly rate starts from €25/hr (for our brand designer) and may rise, depending on the companies requirements based in San Francisco, California. The total project price is directly connected to the amount of work our team needs to invest. Other factors directly affect the cost, such as the scope of work, team structure, and a rate card.

  • Does your company provide any services beyond branding?

    Technology & Marketing is at the core of Intoteq. To provide more holistic approach to our clients, we provide compelte software engineering services from UI/UX architecture to software development and full funnel marketing services from performance marketing to branding services. It helps us bring more value to the projects.

  • What kind of tools does Intoteq branding company typically use?

    In terms of designing a visual brand identity for our clients, we have our favorite tools pack. Most of them include Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. If there is any web development involved, we can shift to the tech stack of your preferences. Our main experience lies in ReactJS and Vanilla JS. Besides, we are huge fans of functional programming, so no wonder several we have used functional programming on some of our projects.

  • What’s different between your branding agency and other angencies?

    Most of the agencies or companies are proficient in producing highly visual identity brands and tend to stamp lots of them every year. While we also do love to collaborate with lots of clients, we don’t just print the solution in one go and present it to our client like it is a pill that can cure everything.Instead, we treat every project as a complex, definitive but fruitful alliance that can produce impressive results. While all of this may sound like a tedious process, we do keep the entire development process transparent, simple, and efficient. Embedding the passion of our client vision into brand identity development.

  • Why do companies choose your branding agency for creating their brand identity?

    Apart from other San Francisco companies involved in the brand identity process, we love to research every detail about the client's company requirements. Furthermore, over the past ten years on the digital market, we have developed three core principles that our team connects. And this is not only about the team union. It is about the connectivity with the client projects. These are the three simple factors that we follow.
    Transparency - Every process is open, every dialogue is continuous, and every change is free to be changed.
    Flexibility - Our team is flexible in both your technical preferences and your identity vision.
    Efficiency - Every result is meeting its deadline with a unique story to tell.
    These factors lead to trustful and productive results that many have already labored and are still enjoying the process.